ACE-Flex4 Automated Captioning Engine

Link Electronics converts speech to text and sends that text out with captioning data

Link Electronics builds products to provide access to various modes of video and audio communication. The company recently introduced the ACE-Flex4 Automated Captioning Engine for converting speech into captioning data to be sent to a closed captioning encoder, for up to four channels simultaneously.automated captioning

Using a cutting-edge computational linguistics program, the ACE-Flex4 converts speech to text and sends that text out with captioning data, either by RS 232 (Serial) or TCP/IP. Designed for two through four-line roll-up captions, and compatible with most closed captioning encoders or devices, the ACE-Flex4 is suitable for high volume, multi-channel closed captioning environments, like government entities with multiple concurrent meetings that need to be captioned, corporations captioning simultaneous meetings, universities captioning up to four channels at the same time, and other multi-user applications.

The ACE-Flex4 is a 4RU server that is housed in your own studio. It is not a cloud-based system and does not require a connection to the Internet, allowing for a secure on-premise captioning solution. The unit accepts SDI/HD-SDI with embedded audio, balanced analog audio, or balanced AES. Once a captioning task is complete, the ACE-Flex4 can create the files of your choice, such as a caption file, subtitle file, time stamped transcript, a Word document, plain text document, or a variety of other file types.

For remote controlling of the device, the ACE-Flex4 has a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that contains an event scheduler and EPG functionality, allowing the user to use different audio inputs and caption outputs on demand, with selectable on-screen caption location and position. The unit comes preset with standard audio and caption data outputs for Link Electronics encoders, making setup for the device quick and efficient. The ACE-Flex4 is also available in a bundle to include the SCE-492 caption encoder to create a complete automated captioning and encoding solution.

The ACE-Flex4 is backed by one year warranty and free 24/7 customer support.


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