Allsteel Introduces O6 Task Chair Line

The office chair line is a new choice-inspired seating line to enhance workday comfort with a variety of settings.

Allsteel, Inc. presented the O6 Task Chair, designed in partnership with LAYER Design to offer an all-day seating experience through user choice and considered comfort. The O6 Task Chair balances ergonomics and style with intuitive and streamlined adjustments for height, depth, and body position, and a wide selection of colors, finishes, and structural options.

The O6 Task Chair enhances heads-down work in a variety of work settings, with options to add attractive lumbar support and adjustable arms. Whether in the Task Chair, Armless Task Chair, Task Chair with Foot Stool, or Armless Task Chair with Foot Stool configuration, all four versions of the O6 collection offer superior ergonomics to the unsupported postures many have found themselves in while temporarily working from home. Users can intuitively fine tune the streamlined height, depth, and tilt adjustments to make O6 the best fit for their individual needs. This straightforward, weight-activated adaptability is augmented by contoured shapes and an ample seat cushion to deliver comfort that helps sustain energy and focus.

The O6 line is available in an appealing palette of 22 spectrum mesh and textile options for the back and seat, including both neutrals and bright colors, and 7 four-way stretch back colors. This suite of color options enables O6 to make a strong design statement while nodding to organizational identity and personal preference. The ability to contrast, complement, and coordinate materials with the four choices of frame and base color results in a chair that looks as good as it sits, with both unique style and perfectly tailored support.

LAYER design creates products that help define the way people will work in the future, informed by the ways people desire to work in the present. Recognizing the increasing desire for personalization and the modern need for adaptability, LAYER’s O6 Task Chair for Allsteel offers the perfect perch for productivity in all its definitions.

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