Appleton Mercmaster Low Profile LEDs

Versions are available for hazardous and ordinary industrial locations

The Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Series from Appleton Group, a business unit of Emerson, is a line of hazardous location and ordinary location luminaires. They are designed for lighting industrial environments that require greater clearance levels along with reduced energy consumption. Six standard mounting hood designs allow for mounting in any location.

low profile LEDsWith an installed profile of 6″, the Mercmaster LED Low Profile Series delivers up to 5,000 lumens of uniformly distributed light for performance in areas with ceiling heights up to 15′, or where OSHA regulations limit the use of ladders, resulting in lower mounting heights for fixtures. An advanced design ensures the low profile LEDs will not create spotlight effects or dark areas, providing illumination for any general or task lighting application. Four replaceable globe alternatives—clear glass, clear polycarbonate, diffused polycarbonate, and prismatic glass refractor—allow users to choose the suitable lighting solution.

Mercmaster LED Low-Profile luminaires can help transition facilities from HID lighting to LED consuming 65% less energy. Three light output levels are suitable for the retrofit of HID fixtures up to 150 watts. Each model maintains the same look and feel as its HID counterpart by using identical housing and mounting hoods. A single fixture housing accommodates all lumen levels, globe styles, and mounting styles. This engineering translates into savings in retrofit time and labor costs.

The Mercmaster LED Low Profile Series luminaire hinge has a high lip for added safety during installation and servicing. Hinge and bolt construction assures 360° compression at all points on the fixture housing gasket for positive sealing. The swing away design of the captive bolt and nut simplifies servicing of the low profile LEDs.

“Appleton has tapped its considerable resources and talents to engineer an extremely energy-efficient LED luminaire that easily fits into hard-to-reach and tight spaces found in refineries, foundries, chemical plants, and other hazardous and non-hazardous industrial locations,” said Christine Hohlman, Lighting Marketing Manager for Appleton. “Critically important is that we haven’t compromised lighting quality for energy efficiency. Instead we have given our customers the best of both requirements to ensure the safety and health of their employees.”

Hazardous location versions of the Appleton Mercmaster LED Low-Profile Series are certified for Class I, Div 2 and Zone 2, and Class II, Div 1 & 2 applications; wet and marine outside conditions (NEMA 3R, 4 and 4X); and IP66. Ordinary location models can be deployed in wet and marine locations and other harsh areas not subject to hazardous gasses and dusts, such as storage areas, parking garages, and food/beverage processing.