April 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 4)

Today’s Facility Manager: April 2012

FM Frequency: Machines Don’t Clean Buildings… People Do | Keeping in mind the demands on cleaning staff enhances a facility manager’s ability to oversee this service.

Professional Development: Is It Time For The Wrecking Ball? | Determining whether or not to continue investing in a facility is easier with accurate and current data.

The HVAC Factor: Reducing Water Consumption | Changes to cooling tower operations and maintenance help conserve this resource.

Services & Maintenance: Getting The Message Across | Defining objectives is key to developing effective mass facility warning and notification strategies.

FM Issue: Lighting Boost | With technology improvements, there is continued opportunity for facility managers to upgrade their systems to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Green Design Trends: Raising The Bar | The recently accepted International Green Construction Code (IgCC) sets new standards for building energy efficiency.

Retail Case Study: Purchase Power | In Dedham, MA, energy improvements keep a Stop & Shop supermarket up to date with a company wide store prototype.

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