August 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 8)

Today’s Facility Manager: August 2012

Tricks Of The Trade: Battery Operated Faucets, Data Management, and Pond Marshes | This long running TFM column is reintroduced with industry veteran Kevin Folsom digging in to answer reader questions about a variety of topics.

FM Frequency: Handling A Delicate Subject | An amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires workplaces to provide reasonable accommodations for nursing mothers.

Professional Development: Navigating Job Order Contracting | This procurement method enables facility managers to complete numerous projects with one contract.

The HVAC Factor: Energy Recovery Ventilation | Reducing the amount of new outdoor air required is possible with this type of technology.

Services & Maintenance: Lighting That Performs | Outfitting this building system to interact with others—such as HVAC and security—streamlines performance and energy use.

FM Issue: Signature Perimeter Security | Top managers at two prominent buildings provide insight on how to keep facilities safe.

Green Roof Trends: From LEED To RoofPoint | A recently launched sustainable guideline focuses on roofing and its specific characteristics.

Manufacturing Case Study: New And Improved | In Kansas City, MO, a greeting card maker has performed a sweeping overhaul of its facility.

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