Boon Edam Trilock 60 Tripod Turnstile

Compact, medium capacity turnstile suitable for high volume, abusive applications

Trilock 60 is a medium capacity tripod turnstile from Boon Edam. It is capable of handling high volume, abusive applications, such as stadiums, arenas, or other busy settings. The compact unit makes it simple to construct a multiple lane set-up while the variety of colors allows users to match it to a lobby, team, or company brand.tripod turnstile

Tripod turnstiles are a quick and reliable method to provide traffic control or ensure the security of certain areas of a building where manned supervision is in place. They are activated by an access control system such as a card reader, biometric device, or external control panel. The access control system can be integrated directly into the turnstile or in a separate pedestal, reception, or security desk. Once the user has been authorized to pass, the tripod mechanism will unlock allowing the user to push through.

The Trilock 60 series comes in mechanical or electric models and in stainless steel or custom powder-coated colors. The Trilock 60NRS is mechanically operated, non­counting; the Trilock 60MS is mechanically operated, counting; the Trilock 60E is electronically controlled for single or bi­directional traffic; and the Trilock 60T offers access through a coin or token system.

tripod turnstileThe Trilock 60 is available with fail-safe or fail-secure operation. While the fail-secure model ensures that the entrance stays closed in case of emergency or power failure, the fail-safe model will free the passage by allowing free rotation of the arm set. Alternatively, if a fire alarm is connected, the fail-safe function can automatically be activated upon receipt of a fire alarm signal.

All Boon Edam secured entry solutions can easily be integrated with virtually any access control system. Options for the Trilock 60 include a pedestrian counter; coin/token operation; extended arm length; red and green indicator lights; platform, railing, and wheels; and out-of-use lock.

The Trilock 60 has a capacity of 20 to 25 per minute and measures 7″ in diameter with a barrier height of 33″, an overall height of 38″, and a 27″ unit length. Passage width can be 18″, 20″, or 22″; overall width can be 25″, 27″, or 29″; and arm length can be 16″, 18″, or 20″. It is powered by 110V or 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz and consumes 220 watts. The tripod turnstile weighs 110 pounds with an ambient temperature of 5°F to 113°F.