Building Safety Month Week Four: $ave Energy – Build To Code

Posted by Heidi SchwartzBuilding safety week four.

Direct use of natural gas in businesses can be extraordinarily efficient, achieving 92% efficiency from the point of production to delivery to the consumer. By investing in the efficiency of buildings and appliances and promoting smart energy choices, natural gas utilities are helping their customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the comfort and productivity of their businesses.

Since 1980, Building Safety Month is an annual public safety awareness campaign. The theme for week four of Building Safety Month 2015, May 25-31, is “$ave Energy – Build To Code.”

In 2012, natural gas utilities invested $1.1 billion in natural gas efficiency programs, helping customers reduce their typical annual natural gas usage by an average 16% and save $117 in annual energy costs. In addition, natural gas utility efficiency programs helped offset 7.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2012.

Building green does not necessarily mean starting from scratch or spending more money. There are many ways to improve the green factor in existing buildings by using longer-lasting and sustainable materials.

Just by choosing energy-efficient building materials and supplies, facility managers can make positive changes to both inside and outside environments, creating buildings that are better for you and our world. Green buildings can also be healthier, reducing mold, mildew, and other allergens that contribute to asthma and other significant health issues.