Chicago Faucets Updates 333 Series Manual Faucets

The popular line of manual faucets has a reshaped body, an integral cast shank, and new optional deck cover plates.

Chicago Faucets, manufacturer of commercial faucets, recently updated its popular 333 Series manual faucet line with a reshaped body, an integral cast shank, and new optional deck cover plates.

manual faucets“Our revamped 333 Series now features a new, subtle aesthetic and an integrated cast shank that increases the faucet body’s strength and durability while helping eliminate leak points,” says Adam Molberger, Product Manager, Chicago Faucets. “These updated single-hole, single-supply faucets feature a vandal-resistance pin that secures the faucet in place and helps prevent rotation. Optional 4” and 8” deck cover plates let the installer adapt the faucet to practically any type of sink.”

The 333 Series is designed for single-service (hot, cold, or tempered water) lavatory applications. Typical features include an ADA-compliant push button handle with adjustable MVP™ metering cartridge. MVP cartridges include an easily accessible timing adjustment nut that allows adjustment of the run-time from 1 to 20 seconds without turning off the water supply. Other handles, cartridges, and other options are available, including low-flow outlets for dramatic water savings. Interchangeable components allow the faucets to be easily updated at any time.

Chicago Faucets is America’s leading supplier of metering faucets. Metering faucets prevent faucet run-on and provide safety, ease of operation for all, and water and energy conservation. Chicago Faucets durable metering faucets allow you to control the run-time of water flow for years of water savings you can count on.

Chicago Faucets is committed to water conservation as a proud partner of WaterSense®, a program sponsored by the EPA. The WaterSense program is designed to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by promoting water efficiency and enhancing the market for water efficient products, programs and practices. Chicago Faucets is also a charter sponsor of the Alliance for Water Efficiency and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).