Coalition On Mold Information Created

This past January, the Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition (RSMC) was formed with the goal of providing accurate information on how to prevent mold by controlling moisture in commercial and residential structures. Formed through a grant by USG Corporation, RSMC is currently comprised of 13 member organizations (see below for full list).

For recent Facility Blog coverage of this topic, see “CDC Mold Guidance Document”.

“While five years ago there was a dearth of information on moisture and mold control, just the opposite is true today,” said Frank Nunes of the International Institute for Lath and Plaster, an RSMC member. “If anything, the industry suffers from too much information that needs to be evaluated and put into a format that is more useful to both the construction industry and homeowners. That is a role that RSMC hopes to play.”

To further its mission, RSMC’s activities include:
* Maintaining a Web site to serve as a clearinghouse for accurate information on how to control/prevent mold (
* Publishing a brochure with accurate information on the systems approach to mold control. (Copies are available on the RSMC Web site.)
* Participating in demonstration projects in which these solutions are applied to fighting mold in a variety of settings.

Current member organizations are:
* Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries International
* Building Research Council, School of Architecture, University of Illinois
* Drywall Information Trust Fund
* International Institute for Lath and Plaster
* Lath and Plaster Institute of Northern California
* National Institute of Building Sciences
* Network for the Advancement of Building Science
* North American Insulation Manufacturers
* Northwest Ceiling & Wall Bureau
* Tile Council of North America
* U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, Department of Agriculture
* Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association