Conversion Kit for Industrial Skylights

Skyco Skylights’ Conversion Kit transforms cracked, capless skylights into capped systems

The Capped Conversion Kit from Skyco Skylights converts old, leaking, cracked capless industrial skylights and smoke vents into more trusted capped systems. Adding a cap seals them off from any air and water that may pass through.industrial skylights

Roofers occasionally retrofit industrial skylights, often with the same problematic system already in place. This practice is referred to as a Dome Only Changeout. Capless industrial skylights are notorious for cracking and leaking, and pose fall risks. This Capped Conversion Kit mitigates all the inherent problems with dome only changeouts.

The Capped Conversion Kit includes one universal fitting Polycarbonate dome, one custom sized aluminum cap, and Tek Screws with EPDM washer/gaskets.

industrial skylightsUsing a cap around the perimeter of the polycarbonate dome creates a leak free seal. Even wind driven rain will not be able to penetrate the skylight, a common issue with other retrofit options. The custom fitted aluminum cap is fastened to the skylight frame with Tek-Screws instead of drilling through the plastic dome, eliminating cracking. Drilling through the Conversion Kit’s aluminum cap into steel frames makes it easy to drill without cracking.

The polycarbonate dome is a universal fitting piece. The aluminum cap is built specifically for the skylight or smoke vent make and model. This allows for an easier installation process and better performing kit. Covering the edges will prevent solar degradation of the plastic; raw edges of acrylics and polycarbonates are vulnerable to solar degradation.