Core Body Cooling StaCool Vests

The StaCool Under Vest™ keeps workers cool and productive despite summer heat.

The StaCool Under Vest from StaCool Industries is a core body cooling system that keeps users cool, comfortable, and productive while working in the summer heat, without compromising mobility. It is suitable for welders; SWAT, Hazmat, and military professionals (including those wearing level A protective clothing); athletes and mascots; industrial/manufacturing workers; surgeons and operating room technicians; landscapers, lawn crews, and others working outside; and anyone wishing to stay cool.core body cooling

Maintaining a consistent core body temperature is safer than exposing workers to possible heat related illnesses. Each vest is made from breathable Airprene material for comfort and flexibility, and includes ThermoPak inserts which cool the body core without freezing. A thermal barrier is built in to ensure the wearer does not get too cold. The lightweight cooling vest provides up to three hours of cooling per ThermoPak set (four per set), depending on activity type, environmental conditions, and body heat.

StaCool ThermoPaks use advanced technology to keep core body temperatures at safe levels. They are made of individual cells that contain a non-toxic polymer material. Each cell works independently, which extends core body cooling time—if one cell is depleted or damaged, the others keep working. ThermoPaks are FDA approved and safe enough to be used in direct contact with food.

Each StaCool Under Vest includes an additional four ThermoPaks, so users have a spare set to extend cooling time.

StaCool Under Vests can be worn under clothing or as an over-vest and come in tan, grey, or black. They are lightweight, weighing 5 pounds to 5.5 pounds with ThermoPaks installed, and come in a range of sizes from XX-Small to XXX-Large to accommodate various body types. A front zipper allows for easy dress or removal. Fire retardant materials are also available.