New Product Flash: Custom IWMS Reports From iOffice

The new reporting feature introduced by iOffice for the company’s integrated workplace management software (IWMS) provides facility executives and their staff members significant control of and immediate access to their data, in a comprehensive and custom format.IWMS

Applicable to all 10 modules encompassed by iOffice’s IWMS, this custom reporting engine lets users design their own dashboards and customize detailed charts based on standard benchmarks and KPIs like room occupancy, space utilization, asset lifespan, patterns of maintenance requests, employee movement, or ad hoc reporting.

Facility management executives can implement the 10 modules individually or bundled to their needs. iOffice Workplace Management Software features the following modules: Space Management, Move Management, Facility Maintenance, Room Reservations, Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, and Visitor Management. The Office Management Software also features the Inventory Tracking and Visitor Management modules, in addition to Manage Copy & Print, Manage Mailroom, Manage Files modules.

As an SaaS-based IWMS, iOffice has automated interfaces with HR, IT, and ERP systems to unite all facilities reporting data through a single platform. iOffice brings critical workplace data together so users can produce the analytics and reports to understand employee engagement, productivity, and costs in real time.

“We want our users to have total freedom to design reports that matter most to them — with their data requirements, based on their workforce and their plans for the future,” said iOffice co-founder Elizabeth Dukes. “FM leaders need a flexible platform to harness robust analytics that make planning a breeze. We give facilities executives the confidence to make accurate suggestions to leadership and guidance on how to provide the most effective workspace to the workforce.”

Those interested in implementing or expanding their use of iOffice can request a demo.