Dahua Mobile Transportation Security Solutions

An end-to-end portfolio of safety solutions for the transportation industry

The Dahua Mobile Transportation Solution from Dahua Technology USA is an end-to-end portfolio that meets the unique requirements of the transportation industry. Designed specifically for the mobile environment, it is a line of modular transportation security solutions—rugged exterior network cameras, multi-channel recording devices, universal power supplies, and emergency back-up—that help transportation entities to minimize risk, decrease litigation, acquire credible evidence, reduce operating costs, and enforce organizational standards.

transportation security“Rather than being limited by a proprietary system, Dahua has introduced an open-source solution with the flexibility and functionality that will limit the impact of costs. This allows the end user to make a change in software or individual hardware, regardless of manufacturer,” said Steven Cruz, senior business development manager, North America, Strategic Transportation Solutions. “We are proud to unveil a portfolio of products that will ensure assets, personnel, and ridership are safeguarded and efficiently managed in mobile environments.”

Dahua offers world-class, enterprise level Central Management Software (CMS) as part of the Mobile Transportation Solution. Its Digital Surveillance Software (DSS) platform delivers functionality such as two-way audio communications, Event Management Automation Protocol (EMAP), an alarm center, and matrix output. It also enhances the user experience with capabilities such as real-time monitoring and playback, GPS tracking, driver behavior management, and impact/incident notification. The mobile DSS client is available for iOS and Android.

In addition to DSS software, HDD Manager and AutoBackup tools allow the user to backup data with or without Wi-Fi access. In a non-wireless environment, users can run HDD Manager on the computer to access utilities, including record and playback, search, backup, frame preview, and watermark verification. In a wireless environment, users can run AutoBackup to extract video and data from vehicles.

Dahua’s integrated transportation security platform delivers reliable video recording, intelligence technologies, and enterprise-level software that have been proven across a wide range of verticals, including student transit, mass transit, logistics, and law enforcement. All mobile transportation products carry a standard five-year warranty.

The mobile transportation security products will be assembled at a new facility in Stafford, Texas. The staff assembling the products will be primarily comprised of former U.S. Military veterans, an initiative that is supported by local and state governments.

Dahua will train and employ a portion of its workforce with individuals who are qualified by the Veteran’s Association and the Texas Workforce Commission, which addresses unemployment in the state. Among the initial line supervisor and operations positions, Dahua will hire management trainees who are eligible for the GI Bill.

“Dahua’s expansion to Stafford represents two milestones: assembly of our products in a U.S. location and a workforce partially comprised of U.S. Military veterans,” said Cruz. “We are proud to provide former U.S. military veterans more opportunities and support the economy of Texas as Dahua expands its North American footprint.”