NEW PRODUCT FLASH: SkyVault Collector From Solatube

Following the 2013 introduction of its SkyVault Series M74 DS, Solatube has introduced the SkyVault Collector to boost the performance of that tubular daylighting device. Designed to be positioned at the top of a SkyVault assembly, the collector makes it possible to capture more daylight than traditional skylights without heating a facility’s interior.New Product Flash Large

The vertical collector features proprietary Raybender HD, LightTracker, and Cool Tube Technologies. These maximize daylight delivery by capturing and redirecting low-angle light downward. Meanwhile, the design minimizes solar heat gain by preventing heat-carrying infrared rays from entering the system.

Image of SkyVault Collector from Solatube
SkyVault Collector

Another recent release is the SkyVault M74 DS Amplifier. Situated at the bottom of a SkyVault assembly, these amplifiers improve the delivery of daylight in high bay and high ceiling applications. Featuring 36 highly reflective facets made of proprietary Spectralight Infinity material, the cone-shaped amplifier reorients daylight to the visual task plane in occupied areas and converts daylight at inefficient angles into useable light for increased optical efficiency of diffuser technologies.

Solatube’s SkyVault Series M74 DS has been designed for high bay commercial facility applications. The tubular devices include a 29″ diameter opening to the sky. Other features include: temperature control with insulated and sealed curb-mounted roof assemblies that minimize heat gain/heat loss through the roof (dual dome option improves thermal efficiency further) and which are designed to integrate into a facility’s vapor barrier; and a Tab-Lock Connection System, Tube Belts, and Pre-assembled roof and diffuser modules to help simplify installation and reduce labor costs.