Diversey EduCare Floor Care Line

Six products specifically formulated for use in high-traffic education environments

EduCare™ from Diversey™ is a line of floor care products that are specifically formulated for use in high-traffic education environments and deliver quality results at a lower cost. It includes four hard surface floor care products and two carpet care products in one simple system.floor care

“Many schools are fighting budget restrictions, which often results in cutting back on cleaning services and products, despite the importance of proper floor maintenance,” said Ryan Greenawald, Director, Floor Care Marketing, Diversey. “With Diversey’s EduCare product line, schools benefit from low-cost, highly effective products that are easy to implement and have simple packaging and dosing with all the necessary certifications.”

The EduCare floor care line includes:

  • EduCare™ Heavy Duty Stripper: a professional strength stripper designed to quickly penetrate and remove built-up, “tough to strip” layers of finish and sealers. The low-odor product is safer for the environment and designed for floor finish removal on VCT, terrazzo, and concrete flooring.
  • EduCare™ Versatile Floor Finish: an easy-to-apply, multi-surface floor finisher/sealer that works with any maintenance method and equipment on all floor types. The product leaves finished floors in gymnasiums, classrooms, and hallways with exceptional clarity, high gloss, and durability.
  • EduCare™ Floor Conditioner: a high-gloss floor finish that is durable and slip-resistant when used regularly. The product rejuvenates floors by filling micro-abrasions and scratches and cleans floors to leave them looking their best with a “just-finished” shine. From black heel marks to tar to dirt, EduCare Floor Conditioner can tackle numerous unsightly scuffs.
  • EduCare™ Floor & General Purpose Cleaner: an environmentally conscious, bio-based floor and surface cleaner that removes soils and oils without dulling or altering floor appearances. The product is formulated with 50% to 80% renewable agricultural resources and is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to meet BioPreferred® program requirements.
  • EduCare™ Extraction Cleaner: a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used as a liquid extraction cleaner, traffic lane pre-spray, or bonnet buff cleaner. The product is low-foaming, formulated without optical brighteners to keep carpet color intact, and performs well with hot or cold water. The formula protects carpets from resoiling and protects equipment with corrosion inhibitors.
  • EduCare™ Carpet Spotter: a powerful carpet cleaner that breaks down and lifts tough stains, even old ones, and leaves carpets resistant to resoiling with no tacky residue left behind. This product is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).