DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset by EnGenius

The DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset is a dual-mode radio phone that allows long-range communication with both UHF two-way radios and phone users.

The DuraFon-UHF-HC Handset from EnGenius® Technologies, Inc. is a dual-mode radio phone. It can be used as a UHF two-way radio and a long-range cordless phone for communication with both UHF two-way radios and phone users.

handsetThe DuraFon-UHF-HC works with a DuraFon PRO Series Base Unit (sold separately) to provide the telephone line connection. It eliminates the need for company-financed cell phones without taking away communication options. The handset is compatible with Motorola CLS/CLP UHF Radios and analog phone lines or PBX ports. It can also work with already deployed UHF radios from other manufacturers.

The DuraFon-UHF-HC provides all-in-one internal and external mobile communications. Users have a coverage area up to 250,000 square feet in retail or warehouse settings; up to 3,000 acres in open land environments, such as farms or ranches; and up to 12 floors of penetration in-building. The handset implements a high-powered 900 MHz proprietary air protocol with high RF transmission and sensitivity. Adopting 900 MHz (902~928 MHz) FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology ensures a high level of privacy during conversations. It also avoids adding traffic over Wi-Fi networks so there are no roaming or QoS issues.

The DuraFon UHF system brings mobility to large environments for communication with guests, staff, and vendors. It is suitable for employees that need to make and receive calls and want the added convenience of communicating with other personnel using UHF two-way radios in the area. Supervisors can reach staff members including salespersons, accounting, warehouse attendants, maintenance, and security workers for private or group communications.

Exclusive Private Intercom offers private handset-to-handset communication independent of the Base Unit to another specific DuraFon Handset. Exclusive Group Broadcast lets broadcast to other DuraFon Handsets that have joined a communication group. Also supported through the broadcast button, standard UHF “Push-to-Talk” allows for broadcasting to all Motorola CLS/CLP and DuraFon-UHF-HC users.

The DuraFon-UHF-HC features a keypad lock, speakerphone, caller ID, call waiting, vibrate mode, line select, redial, speed dial, call hold, call transfer, silent ring, and mute. It allows for user handset naming, call logs (dialed and received), wireless PBX function sharing, wireless phone book sharing, selectable handset grouping (seven groups), and user programmable PBX functions with a 2.5 mm headset jack and a phone book that supports 90 entries.

The DuraFon-UHF-HC delivers six hours of talk time, 50 hours of standby time, a four hour recharge time, battery hot-swap while call is on hold, and handset and spare battery charging slots. It is drop tested, IP55-ingress protection rated, FCC Certified, and comes with a one year limited factory warranty.


  1. Thanks for sharing this system, it’s nice to find a way to communicate with both two way radio users and phone users. I’ll definitely have to look into this.

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