Electric Diaphragm Pump Installation

Hydro Systems Offers New Installation Services for Hydro Xtreme

Following the release of its Hydro Xtreme electric diaphragm pump, Hydro Systems, an independent manufacturer of chemical proportioning and dispensing systems, has introduced two pay-for-service electric diaphragm pump installation options: installation supervision or a complete installation package.diaphragm pump installation

Hydro Xtreme is designed for farms using highly aggressive chemicals (e.g., sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide) to maintain clean water supplies and support animal health. The pumps can either be programmed manually or in conjunction with a water meter signal. They can also overcome high water pressure conditions and operate safely without breaking down.

“The Hydro Xtreme pumps can better manage harsher chemicals and fluctuations in water pressure, temperature, and environmental factors. However, proper installation is key,” said Scott Campbell, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems. “We’re launching these installation options to give customers flexibility in getting their pumps set up and working on their farms.”

Ahead of an electric diaphragm pump installation, customers must complete a site survey form. Installation options include:

  • Installation Fee – A Hydro Systems team member will oversee the proper installation of a Hydro Xtreme pump. The customer, distributor, or contractor is responsible for purchasing the pump and installation materials required to complete the job.
  • Installation Package – This package includes installation by a Hydro Systems professional for one Hydro Xtreme pump or Hydro Systems-supplied water meter into an existing 1″ diameter water line or smaller. The package also includes installation materials like plumbing fittings, clamps, and other items as deemed necessary on the site survey form. The customer, distributor, or contractor is responsible for purchasing the pump and/or water meter and making these available on the day of installation. Installations into water lines above 1″ diameters will be reviewed accordingly and may incur an additional fee.