EnTech Solutions Provides Wisconsin Cheese Factory With Solar Energy

Two renewable energy microgrids will help Agropur meet sustainability goals as its new 210,000-square-foot production facility is being built.

Clean energy solutions provider EnTech Solutions has installed two renewable energy microgrids on the site of Agropur’s new 210,000-square-foot cheese production facility being built in Little Chute, WI.

Agropur is the largest dairy cooperative in North America, and the new facility will enable the company to more than double its milk processing capabilities. Project job sites like this one require significant electrical power to support the work being done by contractors and subcontractors, including powering job trailers, site lighting, and power tools. Agropur sought to utilize the cleanest energy possible for this year-long construction project.

renewable energy microgrids“Agropur is a very forward-thinking organization, and the microgrids we installed on this job site support the company’s sustainability goals by providing solar-powered energy,” said Scott Romenesko, EnTech Solutions president. “We were also able to direct clean power to its wastewater treatment plant, further benefitting the environment and reducing organizational energy costs.”

Agropur’s regional automation manager, Joe Dikeman, remarked, “The EnTech Solutions microgrid provided an attractive, alternative solution to a long and costly power cable installation for the southern part of the construction site. There was minimal install and setup to be able to power the construction trailer and building during the construction phase. We also appreciate that the system can be monitored through a webpage and phone app since our teams are always on the go.”

EnTech Solutions installed two Xcape™ off-grid microgrids on the job site in less than two weeks, which harvest 36 kW of solar energy and provide 176 kWh of battery storage. A low-carbon propane generator was also installed to provide additional resilience for days when there is not adequate sun to provide the necessary power.

“The U.S. dairy industry has committed to achieving net-zero by 2050 or better in terms of eliminating the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions to support global climate goals,” said Holly Jones, director of sustainability at Agropur. “Agropur strives to work with forward-thinking suppliers like EnTech Solutions to source renewable energy technologies where possible. These everyday decisions are what it takes to move the industry closer to our shared goals.”