Expanded Mobile Credential App

Brivo adds new usability options for opening doors with Brivo Onair Pass—automatic door detection, voice commands, and two-factor biometric authentication.

Brivo, provider of cloud-based physical security solutions, recently added three new usability options for opening doors with its signature mobile credential application, Brivo Onair Pass. The first is automatic door detection based on proximity. The second is voice commands for complete hands-free operation. The third is a high-assurance option based on two-factor biometric authentication. Together they provide increased convenience and cyber protection for commercial and multifamily security systems.mobile credential

Automatic door detection provides a more frictionless user experience by eliminating the need to select which door the credential-holder would like to open. Instead, the system uses Bluetooth signals from Brivo’s readers to sense which door is closest and selects it automatically. Legacy doors that are not yet equipped with Brivo’s readers can still be opened from mobile apps via Brivo’s cloud API, providing a migration path for mixed door populations without expensive retrofitting.

“The ability to use our mobile app instead of a keycard is the biggest change to the user experience of security since we introduced cloud computing to commercial access control over 15 years ago. As both landlords and employers look for technology to enhance the workplace and multifamily tenant experience, phone-based access has become essential,” said Steve Van Till, President and CEO of Brivo. “Mobile credentials are built into our Onair platform, so there’s nothing extra that our customers need to do,” continued Van Till. “We also felt it was important to maintain backward compatibility for our 15 million current users who may still be in spaces equipped with traditional readers.”

Voice commands work in tandem with automatic door selection to provide another option for interacting with Brivo-managed physical spaces. The resulting touchless access experience is an operational advantage in the many access scenarios where people have their hands full, like commercial package delivery or simply arriving at the office while juggling a backpack, coffee, and bagel. Voice mode can be used with either the automatic door detection feature, or by saying the name of a pre-existing door that is not yet outfitted with Brivo’s Bluetooth readers.

The Onair Pass mobile credential application also provides a high-assurance option for two-factor biometric authentication. This new feature leverages the facial and fingerprint features already embedded in mobile phones. This is suitable for the many facilities with policies requiring higher degrees of authentication for some doors and spaces, such as data centers, high value storage, cash management rooms, and laboratories. Systems administrators can mandate the use of biometric authentication for specific doors or for an entire facility, as needed, through the Onair user interface.

These new mobile credential features are also available to Brivo’s developer community via Onair API, a RESTful implementation.

Brivo Onair Pass is a feature of the company’s SaaS platform, which provides advanced cloud-based access control for commercial properties. Onair passes can be added, revoked, and removed via the Onair web application or the Brivo Onair Mobile Administration (BOMA) app.