Facility Executive | September / October 2016 Issue

Our annual "green" issue looks at sustainability trends including green cleaning, water conservation, LEED, green building programs, and energy storage. Plus, security, space planning strategies, HVAC and more.

Facility Executive: September / October 2016

Volume 29, Number 5

September / October 2016

Tech And FM: Space Planning Strategies | Collecting the “right” data is paramount to effective decision-making, and “Standards as a Service” could be the next step.

Facility Retrofit: Sealing HVAC Ducts | To minimize construction disruption, the Los Angeles Unified School District piloted an alternative to total duct replacement.

Components Of Green Cleaning | Here’s a look at the evolution of this practice. Plus, what’s the difference between various terms describing on-site generation of cleaning solutions?

15 Steps To Centralize Facility Management | The City of Tallahassee, FL is in the process of bringing together 500 facilities across 160 sites.

Water Conservation, In And Around Facilities | There are myriad ways to reduce consumption of this resource. Plus, be aware of stormwater regulations to avoid enforcement.

Surpassing The Mark | In Marlborough, MA, pharmaceutical giant Boston Scientific pursued LEED Silver certification and discovered “Gold” in the process.

Can Security Technology Replace Guard Force? | Striking an effective balance of the latest tools and personnel can deliver cost savings, without sacrificing safety.

Toward High Performance Facilities | In assessing sustainability goals for 2017, this overview of five green building programs provides recent updates.

Space Heating In High Bay Facilities | The U.S. Department of Energy took a look at the efficiency performance of high temperature heating and ventilation technology.

Renewable Energy: On-Site Energy Storage | Advances in systems that support this approach hold promise for facilities to utilize this sustainability strategy.

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