Focus On: Exterior Cladding

Take a look at this assortment of exterior cladding solutions that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the April 2022 Issue

Take a look at this assortment of exterior cladding solutions that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

StoCast Brick, StoCast Wood, and StoColor Metallic by Sto

StoCast Brick, StoCast WoodSto Corp. has re-engineered the classic look of brick and wood facades for buildings with new, prefabricated resin-cast shapes that combine aesthetics with low maintenance and long-term durability. These new solutions from Sto take the beauty and durability of wood, brick, and metal and reproduce these appearances to enhance the interior or exterior walls of any building. These cladding solutions are ideal for project teams seeking long-term durability, greater performance characteristics, ease of installation, and curb appeal.

StoCast Brick is comprised of custom-made resin-cast brick shapes that are lightweight, flexible, easy to apply, durable, and sustainable. They are available in 30 standard brick options or project-specific colors, patterns, and textures.

StoCast Wood is a collection of lightweight, flexible, resin-cast wood grain planks that delivers an authentic wood appearance. Designed with 45 different wood-grain patterns, StoCast Wood ensures a natural wood look and avoids repeating wood patterns seen with other wall claddings.

StoColor® Metallic offers the ability to achieve a metallic panel look with a variety of color and texture options. All 15 standard colors can be applied over smooth or textured surfaces, creating a custom look while utilizing standard finishes.

TAJO™ Terracotta Façades

Exterior CladdingInnovative Metals Company’s (IMETCO) TAJO™ natural, clay-based cladding is the newest addition to the company’s ventilated façade options. TAJO offers sustainability, energy efficiency, and the beauty of earth-made materials to facility exteriors. The organic origin of the clay ensures TAJO products have a low environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle.

TAJO panels can be seamlessly integrated into IntelliScreen™ complete rainscreen wall systems and can be field cut to ensure a perfect fit. This durable, easy-to-install cladding is designed with an internal chamber that provides additional strength while increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building. The TAJO ceramic ventilated façade system provides no contribution to fire and offers a safe option for multi-story residential projects.

This terracotta cladding from IMETCO and Favemanc is a versatile panel system with a wide variety of profiles, dimensions, colors, textures, and natural and glazed finishes for virtually unlimited design options.

MoistureShield Cladding
by MoistureShield

Exterior CladdingMoistureShield®, a division of Oldcastle APG®, a CRH Company, offers its latest composite product, MoistureShield Cladding. Resembling rich, natural hardwoods, MoistureShield Cladding offers a durable, low maintenance finish while adding an elegant aesthetic to exteriors. Featuring MoistureShield’s proprietary Solid Core™ manufacturing process, the cladding is protected against moisture absorption, warping, rotting, and damage from insects on all four sides. This ensures the resilient, color-enriched composite cladding will withstand the elements, providing a natural aesthetic that doesn’t require staining or painting. MoistureShield also offers the only cladding-approved deck board rated for use in the ground, on the ground, or under water.

MoistureShield’s Vision DiamondDefense™ coating offers a wide selection of colors including Smokey Gray, Spanish Leather, Cold Brew, Mochaccino, Cathedral Stone, and Sandstone. Meridian’s TruTexture™ Surface features reduced pattern repetition and true wood-grain finish in colors of Citadel, Shoreside, and Mariner. Manufactured with 95% recycled content with eligibility to earn LEED credit, MoistureShield Cladding utilizes MoistureShield capped composite decking backed by a 50-year transferrable structural warranty for all decking series.

Solar Brick Façades
by Mitrex

Solar Brick Façades by MitrexMitrex, a Canadian solar technology manufacturer, has launched Solar Brick, a solar-integrated façade solution designed for use as brick wall cladding. Mitrex Solar Brick façades offer up to 330W per panel, and its features include advanced manufacturing methods to maximize efficiency and functionality; enhanced aesthetics with a customizable facing layer; patented coatings with anti-reflective and anti-soiling properties; a range of panel size options; backing options that allow for the panels to be incorporated on any structure; and contribution to LEED points to help projects achieve net-zero.

Solar Brick is suitable for new construction projects or retrofits of older structures, including recladding or over-cladding. Mitrex façade panels are engineered to provide durable and energy efficient building envelopes.

Woodgrain Finishes
by Dryvit

Exterior CladdingDryvit ™, a Tremco Construction Products Group brand, has released Woodgrain Finishes, a realistic-looking woodgrain exterior cladding system. Woodgrain can be installed over the Dryvit Outsulation® System or any substrate to enhance a facility exterior. On its own, this textured-finish paneling offers the weatherability, durability, and energy efficiency of Outsulation. Together, these systems offer cost-effective construction, low maintenance, and low embodied energy.

Dryvit Woodgrain textures are created with an application of Tibur Stone™ finish and a coat of Demandit® Smooth. The wall is then sealed with Dryvit SealClear™. By varying degrees of pressure during application, installers can produce the exact amount of “knotting,” texture and grain depth desired. Standard colors include ash, red pine, dark walnut, sable, bark, espresso, saddle, and cedar.

Woodgrain will not rot, and is highly resistant to color fading. It can be applied in the field or prefabricated into panels for consistency and to eliminate weather delays.