FRIDAY FUNNY: Maintenance Worker Swan Song

Many facilities management professionals are well aware of the skilled labor shortage. Despite the financial benefits of being a qualified technician, a great majority of newcomers to the workforce just can’t imagine the benefits of being a skilled tradesperson.

Through his web site, TV personality Mike Rowe has been an aggressive advocate and spokesperson for mentoring and apprenticeship programs that train suitable candidates for blue collar vocations. Another supporter of the skilled trades is Joel Leonard, “Maintenance Evangelist,” who has put the plight of this particular profession into song:

With unemployment at uncomfortably high levels, perhaps more young people will give the skilled trades another look.


  1. I belive one of the reasons why there is a lack of young skilled work is the fact it was never presented to these generations as a viable option. Im 25 and growing up through all of high school nothing but university optionswere stuffed down your throat, but apprenticeship was never presented. Even to the point where you were considered “dumb” if you chose something like that. Let me tell you some of the smartest people i have met are tradesmen/women, some of the dumbest and a one or multiple degrees.

    • Paulo, I would have to agree with you. There was a time when schools offered shop classes, very few any more do. What a great way to introduce kids to the world of trades. Sure computers and second languages are almost a must today but so is the ability to turn a screwdriver. If kids are never presented with the option very few will seek it out.

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