Gibraltar Anti-Ram Bollards Installed On Las Vegas Boulevard

Gibraltar's anti-ram vehicle barriers have been installed on Las Vegas Boulevard to protect pedestrians from errant vehicles.

Gibraltar, a leading manufacturer of anti-ram vehicle barriers used across the globe has been selected to supply bollards to be installed on Las Vegas Boulevard to protect pedestrians from errant vehicles.

Gibraltar anti-ram bollards installed on Las Vegas Boulevard to protect pedestrians from vehicles. (PRNewsfoto/Gibraltar)

Gibraltar supplied a combination of proprietary shallow foundation bollards and standard foundation bollards for the project. The bollard types used on the project were created to meet ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 requirements. The bollards were designed to withstand a 15,000 lbs. (7.5 tons) medium-duty vehicle traveling at 50mph. The P1 designation means the lower leading edge of the medium-duty truck bed penetrated less than 1 meter from the backside of the bollard upon impact.

The 800+ bollards Gibraltar supplied for the project were installed by Müller Construction of Las Vegas, NV in about a six-week time frame.

Gibraltar believes more cities, festivals, stadiums, and events will start to become more aware of the need for vehicle mitigation in the United States. Whether stopping a planned attack or an errant driver, Gibraltar has barriers for all types of situations.

“Due to the recent events that we have seen with vehicles being used to attack crowds, more cities are becoming aware of the risks and threats involving vehicles being used as weapons or errant vehicles hitting pedestrians. We believe other cities will follow suit to protect pedestrians in these high foot traffic areas,” said Jim Castello, President of Gibraltar Material Distribution.

The New York City Council just unanimously passed a bill (1658-A) for the addition of more pedestrian bollards and is now awaiting approval by the Mayor.

Crash-rated bollards are a key component of Gibraltar’s anti-ram barrier portfolio, which includes offerings of crash certified fences, anti-ram crash gates, wedge barriers, portable/mobile vehicle barriers, and vertical lift barriers. Gibraltar’s barriers can be found on the Department of Defense (DOD) Anti-Ram Barrier List.