GP PRO Compact with ActiveAire Tissue Dispenser

The Compact® with ActiveAire™ Tissue Dispenser from Georgia-Pacific Professional uses state-of-the-art motion sensing technology to neutralize odors at the source—inside the stall. This helps to improve the overall washroom experience and can also help earn LEED credits.

tissue dispenserThe Compact with ActiveAire Tissue Dispenser delivers motion activated scent when one enters the stall. It can also be activated on demand with a wave of the hand to provide an extra burst of freshness.

The Compact with ActiveAire Tissue Dispenser features a gentle fan that blows air across the fragrance refills. This delivers sustained release for 30 days. No liquids or sprays are used and refills do not contain propellants or added VOCs. The six fragrance options—Coastal Breeze (48250), Sunscape (48251), Lavender (48252), Breezy Linen (48253), Pacific Meadow (48254), and Citrus (48255)—offer neutralization technology and come in cases of 12.

The ActiveAire Freshener Dispenser is available in Gray (56755) or Black (56765) and measures 10″ W x 3.4″ D x 1.2″ H. The Compact Side-By-Side Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser comes in Spanish Blue (56783), Translucent Smoke (56784), Translucent White (56797), or Bushed Stainless (56796) and measures 10″ W x 6.8″ D x 7.1″ H.

Compact Bath Tissue is white and offered in multiple varieties that measure 3.9″ W x 4.05″ L. The toilet paper eliminates cardboard cores, inner wraps, and other corrugate for 95% less packaging versus GP standard bath tissue. The tissue also has triple the two-ply capacity but with the traditional dispensing format.

The Compact with ActiveAire Tissue Dispenser is be located in an easy to maintain area. The product is placed in the stall instead of mounted high on a wall. This allows maintenance to easily change the scents or the three AA batteries that power the unit. There is no need for a ladder. A single key installs the product while lockout helps prevent theft.