Honeywell Improves Data and Video Protection

30 Series IP Cameras provide secure channel video encryption and advanced analytics while helping end users comply with U.S. government procurement standards

30 Series IP Cameras from Honeywell is a suite of video cameras that strengthens building safety and security through advanced analytics and secure channel encryption. These cameras provide data and video protection in dome, bullet, ball, and fisheye and video protection

The Honeywell 30 Series IP cameras are designed for use as part of video systems that comply with U.S. government procurement standards instituted under the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (NDAA Section 889). With the new cameras, end users can also benefit from lower total cost of ownership and lower risk as well as improved picture quality without increased storage needs.

NDAA Section 889 prohibits the U.S. government from procuring video and telecommunication equipment from certain companies and their subsidiaries. Many security end users outside of the government are also looking to follow these provisions.

“Honeywell is in the business of protection—from the buildings to the data and people within,” said Jeremy Kimber, video global product management director, Honeywell Commercial Security. “With the release of the 30 Series IP Cameras, we are providing advanced secure channel encryption that guards against unauthorized access and unsanctioned distribution of data and video to help end users seamlessly integrate security into any business.”

The 30 Series IP Cameras improve data and video protection and feature:

  • Secure channel encryption: In addition to enabling end users to follow the provisions in NDAA Section 889, the new cameras provide HTTP over TLS1.2 (HTTPS) encrypted streaming to Honeywell MAXPRO Network Video Recorders (NVR). They also adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Together, these elements help meet the increasingly stringent requirements being set by IT Departments to shield businesses against unauthorized access and unsanctioned distribution of data and video.
  • Advanced motion people detection: Traditional motion detection only detects pixel changes, leading to a higher false alarm rate. Advanced motion people detection is designed to reduce false alarm rates as it will only create an alarm when the moving object is recognized as a person.
  • Enhanced storage space and image quality: A higher quality camera resolution of up to 5MP delivers exceptional images and comes with a user-friendly interface for secure remote viewing. The H.265 smart codec feature allows for storage of longer clips, lower bandwidth consumption, and enables images to take up to 50% less storage space, which decreases operating costs.

The new line of cameras are fully integrated using HTTPS encrypted streaming with MAXPRO® Network Video Recorders. They can also be used with Performance Embedded NVRs linked to the MAXPRO Cloud multi-site video and access control management platform and with the ADPRO XO range of NVRs with on-board video analytics.

With its advanced analytics and encryption capabilities, 30 Series IP Cameras offer an array of quality options for all small-to-medium businesses, entry-level enterprise, and critical applications where compliance is essential such as banking and finance, government, utilities, campuses, and retail.