New Product Flash: Zone Equipment Control from KMC Controls

KMC Controls offers an improved system for facility professionals who are either retrofitting older VVT-type systems or installing new light commercial zoning systems. The company’s Zone Equipment Control (ZEC) system consists of a special model of its Flexstat unitary controller along with up to 16 KMC SimplyVAV controllers (example, below right) for pressure-independent VAV control in their respective zones—without requiring software.hvac-controls

The new BAC-120063CW-ZEC FlexStat (below left) controls common commercial packaged unitary equipment and automatically switches between heating and cooling control based on local zone demands. The ZEC controller automatically discovers and communicates with the associated SimplyVAV controllers via the integral BACnet MS/TP network to provide integration of the system. It can also provide a 0-10 VDC static pressure set point signal to an optional KMC CSP-4702 pressure controller used with the system for pressure bypass control.

building automationA local VVT zone is converted to pressure-independent operation with the insertion of a KMC SSS-1000 series differential pressure flow sensor, and the local zone is operated by the SimplyVAV terminal unit controller.

The ZEC system is designed for quick and user-friendly installation and configuration. It communicates with any building automation system using a BACnet network for monitoring and additional control options.

The BAC-120063CW-ZEC comes pre-configured for a 2H/2C RTU and zone device number range of 1000001 through 1000016, and if this describes the equipment being used, the occupancy schedule is the sole required configuration needed after mounting and wiring. The schedule is created via the FlexStat’s on-screen menu.