HVAC Coil Cleaning By AQUIS

The company's process utilizes a probiotic technology to clean HVAC coils at a microscopic level.

AQUIS, a provider of air handling unit (AHU) refurbishment services, offers a new HVAC coil restoration process aimed at providing benefits beyond traditional cleaning methods. The company’s process utilizes a probiotic technology to clean coils at a microscopic level, unlocking like-new system performance along with energy savings for building owners. This innovative coil restoration process offers a simple payback of as little as six months.

coil cleaning
(Before, on right and after, on left) Using a proprietary probiotic technology, a new coil restoration process from AQUIS returns HVAC cooling coils to like-new condition.

“Traditional coil cleaning, which typically utilizes pressure washers and steam cleaners, fails to treat entrenched biofilms comprised of problematic microbes, including potential pathogens,” explains Mike Bodón, President & CEO of AQUIS. “Our advanced probiotic technology, combined with our coil sanitization process, not only breaks down and removes biofilm, but also improves thermal conductivity and air flow of the coil. The process has demonstrated an increase in chilled water efficiency of 38 percent or higher.”

Bodón adds that the new cooling coil restoration process is not only economically advantageous but yields significantly more healthful operating conditions for HVAC systems.

Based in Orlando, FL, AQUIS specializes in the comprehensive refurbishment and optimization of mechanical air handling units and their components.