INO Weather Pro Weather Monitor

All-in-one weather device for intelligent protection

The INO Weather Pro™ is a handheld weather monitor from INO™ Technologies. The water resistant device combines weather data with lightning detection for outdoor safety.

INO-Technologies-Weather-Pro-3“The INO Weather Pro™ brings together weather data and local lightning protection for not only outdoor adventurers, but commercial users such as construction and mining crews,” said Michael Lands, INO Technologies founder. “Though most lightning detection technology relies on national weather data feeds and requires an Internet or cellular connection, the INO Weather Pro has its own sensor providing real-time local lightning detection and direction anywhere, anytime—critical information necessary to keep your crews safe. No other device has all the features we’ve included.”

Handheld weather monitoring has made great technical advances in recent years, adding to the safety of today’s commercial and industrial industries. The INO Weather Pro’s data and alerts allow outdoor workers to make informed and educated decisions about what is going on outside and how long to stay outdoors.

The INO Weather Pro weather monitor detects the distance of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes up to 40 miles away, providing visual and auditory feedback of lightning strike distances. It includes all the meteorological information necessary, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, heat index, dew point, and altitude, in a device that fits in your pocket.

INO-Technologies-Weather-Pro-2The Weather Pro is updatable with the USB cable. Using the latest software interface and a color touch screen display, users can navigate and find the information they need when they want it and download all of the data stored on the device to a computer in a CSV file. Users can also customize their dashboards with the information and parameters most important to them.

The weather monitor is self-contained so there are no Internet or cellular connections needed to measure local weather conditions. The INO Weather Pro runs on a rechargeable Lithium battery that lasts up to 30 hours. It can be charged via the USB cable (included) with a battery pack, wall charger, or computer.

“We’ve perfected the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ approach to personal weather intelligence by combining lightning, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity sensors in a single, handheld device,” said Lands. “The INO Weather Pro adds the missing link of lightning detection to these classic weather indicators, plus heat index, altitude, and dew point for a total of seven full-service capabilities.”

The INO Weather Pro has a pressure range of 300 to 1,100 hPa (+/- 0.1 accuracy), 8.86 to 32.49 inHg (+/-0.03), and 4.35 to 15.95 PSI (+/-0.01). It measures 4.5″ L x 3.7″ W x 1.2″ H, weighs .4 pounds, and has an operating temperature of -13°F to 185°F (10% to 90% RH).