International Facility Operations Costs Compared

Whitestone Research has released The Whitestone Facility Operations Cost Reference 2011-2012, International Version. This new reference is the only source for international facility costs, providing detailed operation cost statistics for 75 building types in over 100 international areas.

As with the North American Version, data is included for three levels of service for 11 operations including: Custodial, Energy, Grounds, Maintenance & Repair, Management, Pest Control, Refuse, Road Clearance, Security, Telecommunications, and Water & Sewer.

Facility operations costs ranged from $24.55 per square foot in Geneva to $3.02 per square foot in Damascus. In Washington DC, the benchmark city for Whitestone’s Cost References, Facility Operations Costs are $13.54 per square foot.

Comparison of Facility Operations Cost: Rank Metropolitan Area Cost per Square Foot

1 Geneva $24.55
2 Zurich $24.28
3 Honolulu $18.99
4 Hilo $19.36
5 Vienna $18.09
6 Tokyo $17.52
7 Osaka $17.52
8 Copenhagen $17.21
9 Stockholm $16.42
10 New York $16.34

These are reported costs for a model two story office building as defined in the Whitestone Facility Operations Cost Reference, 2011 – 2012. All costs are reported in $USD using May 17, 2011 exchange rates.

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