irth WorkSpace Mobile Software Solution

Cloud-Based and Customizable, it Helps Companies Manage Work, People, and Assets Across All Business Functions

irth WorkSpace® from irth Solutions is a mobile software solution. It automates work processes and allows companies to leverage the performance of human and physical assets across the entire business. The solution empowers the collaborative creation and publishing of forms-based, rule-driven workflows to optimize software

“irth WorkSpace improves productivity and drastically reduces paperwork by easily and quickly allowing you to automate, monitor, and report on jobs, inventory, customer information, quotes and estimates, service history, invoicing, scheduling and routing, and much more, from your office or any mobile device in the field,” said Brent Bishop, CEO at irth Solutions. “Our software now allows businesses to maximize performance of all their work, people, and physical assets, wherever they are, to help them grow.”

irth WorkSpace enables customers to leverage performance across all their business functions, including Sales and Marketing, Operations, HR, and Finance, for integrated communication and collaboration.

The mobile software features:

  • Customizable Form Designer: Empowers DIY digital form creation in a collaborative, easy to use test-and-publish environment.
  • Mobile Device Access: Allows data collection on any laptop, tablet, smartphone, or remote device in any OS, online or offline (even mapping functionality). Universally compatible with any device, WorkSpace may also be deployed and interchanged with different operating systems.
  • Work and Asset Mapping: WorkSpace dynamically maps assets, as well as where and when work is scheduled and/or completed. With pinpoint accuracy, its maps display street and satellite with ERSI map layers.
  • Configurable Process Automation Designer: Using WorkSpace, entire work processes can be customized, automated, and enforced. Workforce automation can be extended to third parties and contractors.
  • Customized Scheduling and Routing: WorkSpace allows scheduling and optimization of routes to job sites with automated routing or manual overrides, including the ability to take into account average time on a job site and travel time.
  • Reporting and Analytics: WorkSpace provides the ability to drill down into every aspect of a business and create custom DIY reports with visually rich charts, graphs, and complex data comparisons.
  • Integration with Internal and External Systems: The built-in APIs within WorkSpace allow it to push and pull data bi-directionally to and from other systems automatically—including systems such as document management, EAM, WOM, ERP, CRM, and CMMS; popular applications like QuickBooks and NetSuite; or any custom-developed or accessible system like barcode and inventory systems.

irth WorkSpace also offers a small business version, irth WorkSpace for Small Business.


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