Is Your Door Station Blind To Danger?

Get real security with an Axis Communications three-in-one network video door station.

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In any facility, one of the most critical touchpoints for security is access control. All organizations need some mechanism to protect and control their entry points. They need to know who is coming and going to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.

door stationWhen it comes to situational awareness, however, traditional door stations really come up short. You can speak with whoever approaches, but you can’t see what’s really on the other side of the door. And that’s a security risk no one can afford.

Yet, blindness isn’t the only issue with traditional door stations. Because these devices are a closed, proprietary system, they have to be managed separately from an organization’s other security systems, such as video surveillance, which creates an additional burden on staff. Being proprietary also means there’s limited flexibility to add new functionality beyond the manufacturer’s original specifications. So as an organization’s needs change over time, their only choice is to rip out the old system and replace it with something new.

IP door control solutions easily transcend these shortcomings. Unlike traditional door stations, they’re built on open standards. So you can connect an IP door station with other physical security systems and devices already on your network—security cameras, card readers, keypads, even IP telephony, and VoIP communication systems—and manage them all as one comprehensive building security solution. The future-proof design of IP door control solutions means you can easily adapt and scale them with new features like sophisticated analytics and advanced access management control to meet your changing needs.

See, Hear And Do It All With A Single Device

But going the IP route doesn’t mean you have to clutter your entryways with multiple security devices. AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station packs all that functionality into a single device. The all-in-one appliance—intercom, surveillance camera, and integrated RFID reader with keypad for access control—delivers uncompromising security where it’s needed most.

door stations“Each component of the network video door stations is designed to optimize situational awareness and maximize access control,” said Bruce Stewart, Business Development Manager, Solutions Team, Axis Communications, Inc. “For instance, the full-featured, HD-resolution surveillance camera is packed with functionality such as a wide angle lens for a wide field of view and wide dynamic range for sharp images even under challenging lighting conditions.”

Stewart also pointed out the intercom includes echo cancellation and noise suppression for crystal clear conversation and dual entry options—multi-frequency card reader and keypad— that you can integrate with existing access control and credential management systems for remote entry control from a computer, desk phone or mobile device.

True to the Axis philosophy of open standards, AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station easily integrates with any open standard hardware or software solutions a user already owns or might decide to purchase in the future such as a VoIP video/phone system, video surveillance management system and other IP-based physical security products.

“AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station also supports an HDMI connection,” said Stewart, “which lets you link the door station to a standard video screen on the inside of the door giving you a virtual window to the outside so you can see if it’s safe to exit the building. This is especially important to employees responsible for locking up after hours and perhaps heading to a dark parking lot.”

Unlike closed systems incapable of adapting to future needs, AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station supports an open application platform for third-party programmers to develop applications that further enhance security at the door. This includes audio analytics to detect such things as glass breaking, gunshots or sounds of aggression, video analytics to detect loitering and more.

“Depending on the event detected,” said Stewart, “You can program the integrated analytics to automatically trigger a verbal greeting, broadcast a recorded warning or alert security that a situation needs to be addressed.

Get More From Your Door Station Than Access Control

As many users are discovering, AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station can do a lot more than just help keep your premises secure. Here are just a few innovative examples to spark your own imagination:

  • In a retail operation: Managers of retail chains can integrated the door station with their access control system to generate exception reports from the door station logs to determine whether individual stores are opening on time. They can issue time-controlled PINs to suppliers to allow after-hours deliveries to loading docks and warehouses or identify and buzz in to a delivery person remotely while remaining on the floor serving customers. They can also take full advantage of the video camera’s wide angle field of view to verify that shipments are being fully offloaded from the truck, using the video recording to track discrepancies and reconcile bills of lading with invoices.
  • In a school: In addition to screening visitors, school administrators can streamline entry for substitute teachers, issuing them temporary PINs or QR codes to free office staff to focus on myriad other demands on their time especially during the busy start of the school day. When the school adds intelligent audio analytics to the door station, the device is able to detect threatening audio patterns like gun shots, breaking glass and agitated voices and automatically trigger a schoolwide lockdown, notify school security and/or call local law enforcement.
  • In a hospital: Because a network video door station uses a PoE connection to communicate over the network, it’s possible to use it as a mobile patient monitoring device. Medical staff can put it on a cart, wheel it into a patient’s room and plug it into the room’s network outlet. This makes it possible for the nurse’s station to see and communicate with the patient remotely. When the patient no longer needs such close vigilance, the video door station can be unplugged and reinstalled in another patient’s room. Because the door station is IP-based, medical staff can even use their smartphones or tablets to keep an eye on the patient as they conduct rounds.

Open Your Eyes To New Security Integration

The advanced technology embedded in AXIS A80207-VE Network Video Door Station make this versatile three-in-one device an exceptional tool for greatly enhancing your overall security. Perfect for installation at entrances where there are many known and unknown visitors passing through on a regular basis, it eliminates the need for additional equipment around your entrances. Its open interfaces offer countless possibilities for integration with other systems within your security operations allowing you to create a more holistic solution that meets your specific needs today and well into the future.