K-12 Schools And IAQ Awards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tools for Schools (TfS) Program in 1995 to reduce exposures to indoor environmental contaminants in schools through the voluntary adoption of sound IAQ management practices. This program provides IAQ guidance and resources for facility managers and others who work in K-12 public and private schools.

The IAQ TfS Awards Program was initiated to recognize schools and school districts that have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving children’s health by promoting IAQ practices. For those schools and districts just beginning to implement IAQ management plans to those who have mature, sustainable, district-wide IAQ programs, EPA provides a series of national level awards.

Winners of these awards will be honored at EPA’s 11th IAQ Tools for Schools National Symposium to be held in January 2011 in Washington, DC. The deadline to apply for the competitive awards is October 8, 2010.

Description Of Awards
EPA offers three competitive awards for which schools may apply:

The IAQ Tools for Schools National Excellence Award is one of EPA’s highest IAQ awards, presented to U.S. schools and school districts that have shown exceptional commitment to IAQ management in schools.

The IAQ Tools for Schools National Model of Sustained Excellence Award is presented to U.S. schools and school districts that show ongoing exceptional commitment and achievement in maintaining healthy educational facilities while institutionalizing comprehensive IAQ management practices. Recipients of this award must have been a past IAQ Tools for Schools National Excellence Award recipient.

The National IAQ Tools for Schools Connector Award is presented to individuals and organizations whose outstanding and innovative actions have improved school indoor environments. This year’s application has been updated to streamline the evaluation process for both organizations and individuals.

Other, Non-Competitive Awards
EPA also offers the National Great Start Award and Leadership Award. These are non-competitive awards designed to recognize U.S. schools and school districts that are on their way to implementing sustainable IAQ management programs. Applications are accepted year round.

Learn more on the Awards Program page, or send questions to awardscoordinator@cadmusgroup.com.