LG Releases Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller

The company’s Air Conditioning Technologies Division’s newest innovation supports electrification and decarbonization efforts.

Heat Pump Chiller 2LG Electronics U.S.A.’s Air Conditioning Technologies division’s Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller provides a wide range of both hot and chilled fluid for comfort and process applications.

As states across the country continue to put regulations in place promoting electrification and decarbonization as well as banning evaporative cooling, the performance of LG’s Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller provides an effective way to meet hot water heating requirements while still supporting a carbon-reducing strategy. The LG Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller’s state-of-the-art innovation is attributed to several key components, including inverter technology for more precise and efficient response to load demand, and lower ambient/high-performance heating with industry leading capacity performance.

The LG Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller performs at 100% of its rated cooling capacity up to 110° Fahrenheit, with cooling performance data available at operation of up to 125° Fahrenheit. In addition, it performs 100% of its rated heating capacity down to 32° Fahrenheit and at 80% of its rated capacity at 17° Fahrenheit while providing 120° Fahrenheit, leaving hot water based on a traditional 10° Fahrenheit delta. Also, the LG heat pump provides low ambient heating down to -22° Fahrenheit, and standard cooling operation with any factory options required down to 4° Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, LG’s inverter technology allows the unit to match changing loads while providing efficient electrical consumption compared to compressor staging systems. The system operates on a soft start with an electrical current draw that does not exceed 25 percent of its minimum circuit ampacity, which can reduce the potential size of generators or emergency power systems that can increase installation costs for critical use applications.

Other benefits of include: an intelligent defrost for double and triple frame systems; automatic compressor operation and error code provided if a compressor in the system is non-operational; electronic expansion valves; hot gas bypass on each circuit; built in touch screen controller and main chiller PCB for easy BMS interface; and more.

The features available in LG’s Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller, reflected in its cooling and heating performance, help to provide architects, contractors, and engineers with a flexible and cost-effective solution for comfort and process heating and/or cooling applications such as greenhouses, medical office buildings, schools, data centers, nursing homes, government buildings, and industrial projects.

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