LSI Wallcovering Is Now Versa Designed Surfaces

New name builds on recognition for the company’s largest brand and reflects plans to diversify into other surface treatments for commercial interiors.

LSI Wallcovering has changed its name to Versa Designed Surfaces. The new name builds on recognition for LSI’s largest brand, Versa Wallcovering, and reflects the holding company’s plans to diversify into other surface treatments for commercial interiors.

LSI wallcoveringBased in New Albany, IN, LSI Wallcovering is one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of commercial vinyl wallcovering, supplying more than 2,000 products to 60 countries. The manufacturer plans to introduce innovative new surface materials under the Versa Designed Surfaces umbrella that will respond to the evolving performance and aesthetic needs of the interior design market.

During its 60-year history, LSI Wallcovering developed a reputation for sustainable manufacturing practices and corporate social responsibility. The company helped lead the wallcovering industry’s efforts to create its first sustainability standard and was the first manufacturer to certify to it. LSI Wallcovering also developed Second-Look, the first recycling program for post-consumer wallcovering, which has been honored with five industry awards. Versa Designed Surfaces will continue to pioneer R&D of innovative sustainable interiors products while advancing manufacturing and business practices that meet the critical environmental challenges of the interior design industry.

Look for news and new products from Versa Designed Surfaces at the new website.