Lucid Drone Technologies Helps Keep Facility Exteriors Clean

Lucid Drone Technologies is using drone technology to change the way commercial buildings and windows are washed. 

With drones becoming more and more popular, there’s no doubt that this technology will revolutionize the way facility management tasks are carried out. Charlotte, NC-based Lucid Drone Technologies is currently using drone technology to influence change around manual tasks such as commercial building washing.

“At Lucid Drone Technologies, we are committed to providing robotic solutions that allow our customers to complete jobs that were once dull, dirty, and dangerous in a safer, faster, and smarter way,” said Andrew Ashur, CEO, Lucid Drone Technologies.

Lucid Drone TechnologiesThe Lucid Drone Technologies C1 Spraying Drone and Window Washing Payload are cutting-edge cleaning tools for facility managers. The spray drone is equipped with sensors and a remote control that allow you to navigate tight spaces and identify areas that need cleaning while keeping workers safely on the ground. The drone then uses soft washing technology to clean the area.Lucid Drone Technologies

​Each year in the U.S., more than 500,000 people are treated at the hospital from ladder-related injuries, and 61 people lost their lives in 2020 from this type of accident. As a provider of purpose-built spray drones, Lucid Drone Technologies has been able to reduce job site injuries by 95% on average. With advanced drone technology, facility managers and building owners will have the advantage of a safer, faster, smarter cleaning solution.

In addition to safety benefits, drone technology can save facility managers time and money by providing a more efficient and effective process. The drone’s cleaning system is able to reach heights of 110 feet, spray up to 300 psi, and wash up to five-times faster than traditional methods making the C1 Spraying Drone an essential tool for keeping buildings clean in a safe and efficient way.

This week, Lucid Drone Technologies will attend the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) World Workplace 2022 Conference & Expo and exhibit the C1 Spraying Drone in Booth 228.

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