Maintaining Parking Lots In Late Summer Months

This time of year, facility managers in warmer regions may face parking lot damage from heavy rains, standing water, and intense sun.

Facility managers hold a critical role in their organizations. From scheduling HVAC repairs and responding to plumbing issues, planning exterior painting to landscape updates, facility managers make it happen. However, parking lots – which may seem inconsequential – are often the first interaction a potential customer or future employee has with a business, and important aspect of any maintenance schedule. MaintenX, a facility repair company based in Tampa, FL, offers facility management teams from coast to coast top tips to plan and prepare their parking lots for the hot, rainy weather experienced in late summer months.

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Especially in Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, facility managers often face parking lot damage from heavy rains, standing water, and intense sun.

“MaintenX is quite familiar with the intensity of a summer storm in Florida, even before we start talking about hurricanes,” says Bill Schaphorst, MaintenX’s vice president of business development. “Making small preventative repairs before a big storm hits and being thoughtful about how your parking lot is designed can do wonders for your budget and your customers.”

Here is some of MaintenX’s best advice for creating a superior parking lot experience, even in the mid-day sun or after a downpour:

  • Properly sealing and striping parking lots can help reduce long-term business costs, as proper maintenance extends the lifetime of a parking lot surface and and reduces costs associated with unbudgeted, major repairs. Additionally, a freshly sealed and striped lot looks inviting and can help arrange parked cars effectively, which will improve a business’s bottom line.
  • Surface and striping deterioration is a safety risk, especially if lots are covered in water. Faded and worn striping can be hard to see, creating confusing or dangerous situations for cars and pedestrians, alike. These dangers are compounded when visibility is reduced due to rain. Conversely, bright, clean striping helps provide safe crossing for pedestrians, shows cars where they should and shouldn’t travel, and can designate critical handicapped spaces.
  • It’s important to consider ways to keep parking lots tidy. Are drains clear? Are trash areas secure? Fencing, painted markings and scheduled maintenance can help ensure clean spaces. Making sure parking lots are free of clutter can help prevent storm drain back up or wind-born debris that could damage cars or property.
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  1. I appreciate that you were able to share here how striping and sealing the parking lot will help reduce further costs. Well, you’re also right about the importance of regular maintenance and painted markings. My dad has been complaining about his apartment building’s parking lot’s faded paint, which is why he’s currently looking for a service that may address this.

  2. I agree with you that the parking lot must be properly sealed, and it shall be maintained because this will help extend its lifespan. You’re also right about the importance of tidying the lot because this will help prevent further damage. Maybe it would be best to hire a concrete contractor that will be able to provide a maintenance.

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