Material Mixology Collection From Wilsonart

Wilsonart's Material Mixology Collection introduces 27 new colorful, graphic and versatile laminate patterns, developed especially for commercial spaces.

Demand for staying ahead of new trends and creating highly visual, memorable and social media-worthy spaces drives endless change in the commercial industry. No sooner are design and build projects completed, when concepting for new or remodel projects starts to brew.

Wilsonart’s Material Mixology Collection introduces 27 new laminate patterns to fuel designers’ creative juices and inspire imaginations to run wild. (Photo: Wilsonart)

Creating 27 new laminate patterns to fuel creative juices and inspire designers’ imaginations to run wild, Wilsonart’s Material Mixology Collection is specially curated to support continued growth and renovation opportunities in commercial environments with patterns that are bursting with character through color, graphics, and durability.

“The patterns in this collection provide designers with solutions that can help them set their spaces apart,” said Andrea Flint, Senior Designer at Wilsonart. “These out-of-the-box laminates beautifully capture the diverse commercial market and dramatically extend design palettes.”

The new collection reflects various themes:

  • Graphic Wood: This is a unique spin on wood design, introducing the look of painted, overlapping geometric shapes.
  • Marquetry: Marquetry is clean, modern, straight-grained wood designs pieced together to form new patterns.
  • Olive Wood: These patterns range from cool greys to warm browns and are full of visual interest.
  • Planked Wood: These sophisticated walnut wood designs add rich characteristics to spaces.
  • Graphic: These designs on their own or in woods are great options for bold focal points or accenting.

The Material Mixology Collection is now available online as part of the Wilsonart® Virtual Design Library, an evolving, curated collection of laminates available in just 2-3 weeks from order.