May 2013 Issue (Volume 26, Number 4)

Today’s Facility Manager: May 2013

Tricks Of The Trade: Multiple Site MRO and “In Or Out?”

FM Frequency: Warning Signs | Workplace hostility might not lead to outright conflict, but facility managers can still keep an eye out for these conditions.

Professional Development: The Energy Future | The past century has brought significant changes to how buildings operate, and the next 100 years will not doubt bring many more.

Services & Maintenance: Minimal Overhead | When choosing ceiling products, facility managers can achieve both visual and performance goals.

Furniture Trends: Productive Provisions | The way occupants work continues to guide furniture purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, GlaxoSmithKline goes “office free” at its new Philadelphia headquarters.

FM Issue: Chemical Safety Changes | OSHA’s revised Hazard Communication Standard impacts many facility managers. Plus, roof safety that adheres to OSHA standards protects workers.

Hospital Case Study: Healthy Focus | In Tyler, TX, a new heart hospital is designed to ease the patient experience. Meanwhile, facility managers preparing for The Joint Commission should check their documentation.

Renewable Energy: Waste As Power Source | For many materials, there’s a second life to be had with the proper processing.

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