MEGASteps Safety Footwear & Insole Advisor

Helps improve worker safety and comfort through the recommendation of proper footwear

The MEGASteps™ Footwear and Insole Advisor from MEGAComfort is a device that scans and analyzes an individual’s foot size and arch type. It then recommends the correct safety footwear and MEGAComfort insole to provide the best level of support and cushioning based on foot type from a company specific catalog. This is completed in less than one minute.

safety footwearMEGAComfort insoles are patented dual layer memory foam insoles that are inserted into your shoe to provide continual support and prevent slips, trips, and falls while simultaneously reducing pain and fatigue.

“MEGASteps eliminates guesswork, providing customized recommendations for individuals’ footwear and insoles,” said Dr. Kevan Orvitz, podiatrist and MEGAComfort founder. “It delivers objective and actionable results, accelerating the footwear and insole selection process, and provides customers and clients with confidence in their buying decisions.”

The MEGASteps Footwear and Insole Advisor provides educational value, removing the guesswork from the footwear and insole program. It offers the ability for safety product footwear distributors to incorporate specific footwear attributes, including toe type, electrical type, slip resistance, puncture resistance, insulation, and more.

MEGASteps gives distributors and clients key data necessary to grow their business. More importantly, it helps improve worker health, wellness, and employee productivity by providing employees with the best level of safety footwear and insole support and cushioning.

MEGAComfort will be showcasing the MEGASteps Footwear and Insole Advisor at ASSE Safety 2017 in Denver from June 19-22 at booth 1281.