MonoSystems Cordapillar Cord Cover

Eliminate tripping hazards and reduce the risk of fires and shocks while protecting expensive cords

The Cordapillar™ from MonoSystems™, Inc. is a professional strength cord cover. The patent-pending safety product was designed to help prevent tripping injuries and fire hazards for employees and facility visitors while at the same time concealing and protecting wires.

monosystems-cordapillar-2Cordapillar is designed to handle virtually every type of power and data cord, including certain heavy duty industrial cables. Its hard shell exterior is weather-resistant ABS plastic to withstand vehicle and foot traffic up to five tons.

“Today’s companies have begun to maintain a culture where they view most incidents or injuries as mostly preventable”, says Jordan Handler, President of MonoSystems, Inc. “Cordapillar was designed specifically to safely protect against injury and the inherent hazards often associated with walking, working, and even maneuvering vehicles over power cords in and around the facility.”

The Cordapillar features 3-5/8″ x 2-5/8″ modular segments that snap together without tools or hardware. This allows users to make the cord cover as long or short as needed. These low-profile segments will not bend, warp, or flare upward.

Each Cordapillar segment articulates individually to fit in any space or bend around any corner while hugging the ground snugly. The rubber feet grip tightly to every type of floor surface, including carpet, wood, and concrete. The interior bottom channel that runs through each segment is generously sized at about 3/4″ W x 7/16″ tall to hold multiple cords–generally up to three extension or power cords, or multiple smaller cords like phone or laptop chargers. The included couplings allow individual cables to exit anywhere along the length of the cord cover.

cord coverThe Cordapillar is available in three colors. The Putty Gray is suitable for garages, decks, gray carpets, and industrial settings; the Safety Yellow and Black provides a familiar “hazard” signal when it is necessary to draw attention to the Cordapillar; and the Black is suited for executive/office settings and dark wood or carpet.

Each box contains a 5′ Cordapillar that can be made infinitely longer by adding more links. Each box also contains 19 hard shell covers, 16 couplings, and two side exit couplings.

When using extension cords, it is generally understood that they are intended only for temporary use. Additionally, extension cords are often used for short-term events and holiday needs. According to Mark Ross, Director of Marketing, “Cordapillar is incredibly durable, as we have successfully tested the product with a six-ton forklift…and it may be used repeatedly. This, of course, is something that cannot be said about duct tape. The articulating design allows the product to bend around corners, equipment, furniture, and doorways. Users have told us that if Cordapillar protects against one single injury, it more than pays for itself.”