NetBox Software v.4.9 by S2 Security

New features for the web-based access control and event monitoring system.

NetBox Software Version 4.9 from S2 Security is a full-featured, web-based access control and event monitoring system. It has been updated with a new Photo ID Badging System, Virtual Machine, and Offsite Recovery.

S2 SecurityNetBox supports up to 32 portals and can serve a range of applications from small businesses to field offices of large enterprises. Features such as person record and cardholder management, event and alarm monitoring, threat level escalation, and reporting are accessible from any web browser. There is no software to install.

The Photo ID Badging System is accessible from any location via the web-based S2 NetBox user interface. Within the new, flexible badge workflow, users can collaborate across multiple locations to complete badge production. Users can create custom photo ID layouts, adjust person records, capture photos, add photo IDs, and print badges. Photo IDs can be captured locally and printed off-site from any networked printer. S2 Mobile Security Officer 2.0 users can capture photo IDs and review photo requests from iPhone or iPad.

S2 NetBox Virtual Machine enables users to create a custom access control solution on their preferred hardware platform that meets minimum provisioning requirements using S2 Nodes and VMWare EXSi. The built system can support up to 7,168 portals and more than 500 S2 Nodes. Optional system partitioning allows the entire database to be separated into multiple smaller systems for entities such as field officers or tenants. S2 NetBox Virtual Machine works with existing infrastructure and peripheral devices, making it easy to deploy. Users can migrate from S2 NetBox appliance to S2 NetBox Virtual Machine with an identical license.

The NetBox Software Version 4.9 Offsite Recovery feature safeguards system operation by immediately directing S2 Nodes to a secondary S2 NetBox controller in the event of a physical disaster.

NetBox Software Version 4.9 supports S2 NetVR® and S2 NetBox VR Version 1.7. The following S2 hardware is eligible for upgrade to Version 4.9 and later:

  • S2 NetBox Enterprise 50/100
  • S2 Enterprise Ultra/Select
  • S2 NetBox with N2800 processor
  • S2 NetBox Extreme with N2800 processor
  • S2 NetBox VR
  • S2 NetBox VR Quatro

Version 4.9 is now generally available for S2 Security Certified Integrators to download on S2 Support Central.