NEW PRODUCT FLASH: EnerLogic™ Series Window Films

CPFilms Inc., a producer of professional window films and wholly owned subsidiary of Solutia Inc., has introduced a new film product—the EnerLogic™ Series. This is the latest addition to the company’s Vista™ line of architectural window films.

Featuring a patent pending, low-e coating, CPFilms states that its EnerLogic window film adds up to 92%(1) more insulating power to existing windows—improving energy efficiency throughout the year. In summer, heat from the sun is reflected away from windows, easing the stress on a facility’s air conditioning system. In winter, radiant heat from heating systems is directed back into the facility’s interior.

Heat from the sun is reflected outward during the summer months.
Heat from the sun is reflected outward during the summer months.

“A building is only as energy efficient as its windows,” says Dave Kaliser, CPFilms, director of product marketing – architectural. “Traditional window films reflect heat out, providing substantial savings in summer, but adding relatively little value in winter. EnerLogic film helps keep the heat outside in summer and inside in winter, creating a perfect balance of energy efficiency, cost savings, and comfort.”

In winter months, interior heat is reflected back inside a facility.
In winter months, interior heat is reflected back inside a facility.

Energy Efficiency: The patent pending technology of EnerLogic window film effectively transforms the insulating power of single-pane windows into double-pane; and double-pane windows into triple-pane. The result is a significant increase in window efficiency.

Payback: Windows typically account for 15% to 30% of a commercial building’s heating costs, and often more than 30% of cooling costs. EnerLogic window film is a low cost, high return technology that compares favorably to other energy saving measures both in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. EnerLogic’s simple payback averages 2.75 years(2).

LEED Points and Tax Credit Eligibility: EnerLogic is eligible for up to nine LEED points and may help a facility qualify for energy efficiency tax credits and utility company rebates.

“At CPFilms we understand that the greenest energy is the energy that isn’t used,” said Ray Kollar, CPFilms president and general manager. “This innovative new window film series offers excellent value by improving energy efficiency in every season, helping to reduce consumption and preserve natural resources. We are proud to be the first film company to introduce this revolutionary technology.”

(1) Based on the percentage improvement in average annual insulating properties of 3mm glass with film compared to the same glass without film.
(2) EnerLogic VEP35 film installed in commercial buildings with a variety of window types and in different climates throughout North America.

Certain restrictions apply, see an authorized dealer for complete warranty details.

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