NEW PRODUCT FLASH: GreenShield® Module Roof System

The Garland Company, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of roofing solutions, recently updated its GreenShield® vegetative roof technology by introducing movable, interlocking container modules that encapsulate plant material and the underlying growth layers. These product updates were aimed at easing installation and maintenance of the vegetative roof system.

The Garland Company's GreenShield Module system features 46"x46" modules.
The Garland Company's GreenShield Module system features 46"x46" modules.

The GreenShield Module system uses industrial grade 46″x46″ modules molded with pallet channels (for fork lifting) and drainage perforations. The pallet channels also serve as port ways for drainage and/or irrigation, and provide bair flow to the root systems. (When the GreenShield vegetative systems are paired with a waterproofing membrane from Garland’s StressPly® modified bitumen family of roofing systems, no additional drainage is needed.)

The modules can incorporate any lightweight soils, aggregates, filter fabrics, and green roof plants developed for the existing Garland GreenShield technologies, while allowing the flexibility of distinct plant media in each module. The GreenShield modules can be cut and shaped to any landscape setting, and sprinkler heads can be cut into the modules where needed.

The GreenShield Module systems retain the benefits of green roofing, including UV and heat insulation, reduced rainwater runoff, noise reduction, and membrane protection. Also, they can be loaded up with plant materials that have been growing in advance of the roofing job.

The GreenShield Module system is the latest innovation introduced under the Garland Green House, which encompasses ENERGY STAR®* qualified roofing restoration systems.


  1. Is the Greenshiled Module Roof System the only vegetative roof system being implemented at Garland Company, Inc? Are there links to cost and performance data of the system?

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  3. How does this product impact the weight load of the support joists? Does the construction phase of a building need to factor in this potential use or is there usually sufficient strength usually calculated for the roof structure? Would this product be better suited for warm weather areas or can this work in other areas of the country with snow or semi-tropical rain loads?

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