NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Metal Mesh Blanket From Thermfiber

Thermafiber, Inc., based in Wabash, IN, has relaunched its Metal Mesh Blanket product line with heightened quality and additional product options. The blankets are now available in multiple densities and offer various facing configurations. This mineral wool product is designed for use on boilers, tanks, ducts, large pipes, and other high temperature applications. Metal Mesh Blankets offer the integrity and flexibility needed to insulate the curved surfaces or irregular shapes found on those pieces of equipment.

Metal Mesh Blankets from Thermafiber, Inc.
Metal Mesh Blankets from Thermafiber, Inc.

Metal Mesh Blankets have a high recycled content with a minimum 70%, and, upon request, they are available with up to 90% recycled content. These recycled contents are based on pre-consumer (post-industrial) content with 0% post-consumer content.

Metal Mesh Blankets are available with galvanized metal mesh or stainless steel wire mesh stitched to the blanket for durability. The wire mesh can be applied to one or both sides of the blanket. The product is designed to conserve energy and control noise, and it provides thermal performance in applications up to 1200°F (649°C).

Metal Mesh Blankets should be mechanically fastened to the hot surface needing insulation. For cylindrical surfaces, metal angles, welded insulation pins, studs, or metal banding can be used to secure the insulation. For flat surfaces, blankets can be impaled over insulation pins or studs. Metal mesh facings of adjacent blankets should be laced together with 16-ga. galvanized, annealed wire to keep joints tight. When insulation will be exposed to high air velocities, adequate protection must be provided to prevent erosion of insulation. On initial start up only, heat rise should not exceed 15°F (9°C) per minute to allow binder to dissipate.