NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Sentir Odor Blocker from J+J/Invision

J+J/Invision now offers Sentir,™ an odor blocking technology for its broadloom and modular commercial carpet.

This self renewing treatment is designed to control or eliminate offensive odors that can be found in indoor environments and is particularly effective on odor bearing spills.

Sentir technology is designed specifically to get to the root of the odor and neutralize it; it does not just mask odors. By blocking an odor and fragmenting it into component parts over a period of time, Sentir effectively eliminates it. In addition, the technology is not weakened in this process. Sentir’s binding properties lock into the carpet to provide unyielding resistance against hard cleaning and heavy traffic, designed to ensure lasting results for the life of the carpet.

Sentir can be an ideal solution for institutional interiors, delivering odor blocking protection that will endure the rigors of spill prone environments such as assisted living, healthcare, and education facilities.

Sentir may be added to any standard J+J/Invision product for a minimal charge.