New Product Flash: SMART kapp iQ By SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies Inc. has introduced its SMART kapp iQ interactive whiteboard to the market. The latest addition to the the company’s SMART kapp product family, kapp iQ is a high-tech whiteboard as well as an ultra HD display. This new office technology offering enables advanced collaboration capabilities in meeting rooms, breakout spaces, offices, classrooms, and anywhere stakeholders technology

SMART kapp iQ features the direct interface capability (“walk up and use”) of the original SMART kapp whiteboard — significantly enhanced with a multi-way, multi-device collaborative experience.

As a “walk up and use” surface, this latest product as well as its predecessor (SMART kapp) features technology that enables all meeting participants to view the whiteboard in real time—as notes are being made on the surface. This connectivity is made possible by the SMART kapp app, which not only allows users to turn on the board but also enables participants (in the room or elsewhere) to view the whiteboard in real time.

The notes made on the whiteboard can be shared by saving the content as JPEG or PDF snapshots and then storing them on Evernote, Google Drive, or Dropbox for distribution.

This latest product—SMART kapp iQ—builds on the original SMART kapp product by now providing multi-way collaboration. Not only can participants view the whiteboard activity, they can also contribute to the display from their device. When they do, their writing instantly appears on the display as well as everyone else’s device (Android or iOS).

SMART kapp iQ is available in two sizes: 55″ and 65″ (diagonal). Installation does not require IT integration; the board is simply plugged in.

In August 2015, SMART Technologies received a Gold Stevie Award for the Best New Product of the Year/Business-to-Business category in the 12th annual International Business Awards (IBAs). One judge remarked, “It changes the whole way professionals exchange information and ideas, saving hours of work, with less effort and money.” SMART kapp iQ has also been recognized with three Best-of-Show Awards at Infocomm 2015.

See SMART kapp iQ in action in this video.