NEW PRODUCT FLASH: VaporShield from Air Cycle

Air Cycle Corporation has introduced VaporShield®, the latest advancement in mail-back lamp recycling box design. The VaporShield box includes the features offered by the company’s EasyPak™ program, including Sustainable Program automatic reordering, online Certificates of Recycling and Recycling Reports, and Container Tracking.

Meanwhile, this latest introduction provides a fresh approach to mail-back box design, with simpler box setup and a safe, faster loading process.

The new container eliminates the plastic liner and folding flaps of the conventional mail-back box in favor of two self-adhesive end caps and a specially treated corrugated matrix that safely contains mercury vapor in the event of breakage during storage or shipment.

The simplified packaging and convenient loading procedure of the box minimize the risk of outside breakage and encourage lamps to be recycled. The new design improves box usability and ensures the safety of handlers at the facility of origin and in the shipping process.

VaporShield® is available in 4′ Standard (9″ x 9″ x 48″), 4′ Jumbo (12″ x 12″ x 48″), and 8′ (8 ¾” x 4 ¾” x 95″) variants. The 4′ Standard box holds 28 T12, 64 T8, or 102 T5 lamps; the 4′ Jumbo box holds 56 T12, 121 T8, or 192 T5 lamps; the 8′ box holds 15 T12, 30 T8, or 48 T5 lamps.

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