New Project Aims To Make ESG Reporting More Rigorous

OSCRE International initiated the project to help standardize environmental data across the commercial real estate industry.


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OSCRE International launched the OSCRE Environmental Data Standards Project, an initiative to improve the collection, analysis, and reporting of data commercial real estate stakeholders use to assess the industry’s environmental impact and influence decisions.

To kick-off the project, investors, property, and facilities managers, owners and occupiers, as well as external business partners, met in New York last week. Representatives from Blackstone, Brookfield, Intuit, MetLife and others participated in the discussion and confirmed the need for the project. It will draw on the insights and participation of corporate owners, occupiers and investment real estate leaders and their external business partners to formulate solutions that will benefit the entire industry, as well as the organizations that comprise it.

Naseem Wenzel, Executive Director of Lionpoint, and Michael Daschle, Senior Vice President, Sustainability of Brookfield Properties will serve as the co-chairs.

“The movement to standardize environmental data is critical to improving the amount and quality of the data shared across the industry,” said Daschle. “This data serves as both a fundamental baseline and as a means to measure progress toward ambitious goals like achieving net zero carbon across entire organizations.”

The Environmental Data Standards Project will focus on the following areas, culminating in the development of standards that can be accessed by the commercial real estate industry to optimize the collection and management of environment data.
• Improving environmental reporting and performance
• Identifying the common pitfalls in tracking and measuring environmental data
• Increasing efficiencies and reducing costs to enable the supply chain

“Standardized data enables better and faster decision making,” adds Wenzel. “The standardization of environmental data is the first step in our ESG journey to ease reporting requirements and facilitate achieving organizational and industry goals and objectives.”

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