NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Bestroom Maintenance App from F-MATIC

Bestroom, a digital platform developed by restroom sanitation manufacturer F-MATIC, Inc., uses a mobile app and web interface to give service providers and restroom owners instant feedback to streamline janitorial services and inventory management.

“There are a plethora of rating websites and apps covering restaurants, travel services, and even restrooms. However, none of them provide a connection between users, owners, and those who provide products and services,” said F-MATIC COO David Bernstein. “Bestroom allows the people who own, maintain, service, and supply restroom facilities to not only receive feedback in real time, but to act on that information and interact with partners throughout the supply and service chain.”

The Bestroom mobile app provides users with the next evolution of restroom rating capabilities, allowing not only general rate and search functions, but also the ability to sort by category, attributes, and proximity to the users’ current location. Users can also provide specific feedback for facility owners, such as specifying a lack of soap, a plumbing problem, a dirty floor, and more.

That feedback is instantly sent to restroom owners and service providers so they can request janitorial services, place orders, or restock. Once fixed, the reporting user receives a notification, and the response speed is recorded so future users can see how important clean facilities are at various locations.

In addition to the mobile app, a Bestroom website allows owners and providers to access advanced features and streamline inventory based on feedback and instant interaction with clients and restroom users.

Bestroom can also identify specific restroom locations, using a combination of location based services from a smartphone as well as scannable QR codes to differentiate between multiple restrooms located within a business or on different floors of a building.

Restroom owners can sign up and place QR codes in as many restrooms as they like, without charge, via or receive codes from their product distributor or restroom service providers, then access an online dashboard to monitor feedback and place refill orders with suppliers.

Distributors and service companies will be offered tiered monthly subscription options, including some free options, to access more advanced features to serve customers. Upgraded services include alerts when customers’ restrooms need service, promoted listings in the Bestroom supplier database, the ability to receive orders from their customers through the app (in a forthcoming version), and lead generation opportunities.

The free app is initially be available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. It will soon also be available in the Android Marketplace for Android-powered handhelds and tablets.