NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Cigarette Recycling by TerraCycle

Facility managers can send cigarette waste to be recycled free of charge by participating in a new program launched by TerraCycle and facilitated by funding from Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. The waste collected through TerraCycle’s Cigarette Waste Brigade will be recycled into a variety of industrial products, such as plastic pallets. Any remaining tobacco will be reworked into tobacco composting.recycling

After signing up for the Cigarette Waste Brigade, facility managers continue as usual to collect cigarette waste in ashtrays and other receptacle as well as through cleanup and maintenance efforts around their sites. Once enough waste is collected, participants can log into their account and print a free, prepaid UPS shipping label to return their box at no cost. The waste should be bagged in a plastic bag—which also get recycled—before being placed in a shipping box.

In addition to cigarette butts (including filters), the program also accepts: loose tobacco pouches; outer plastic packaging; inner foil packaging; rolling paper; and ash. TerraCycle is not accepting the cardboard packaging of a cigarette box.

For each pound of waste collected through the Brigade, $1 is donated to Keep America Beautiful.